Growing Up with Strict Indian Parents: A Comedy of Love and Discipline

If you’ve ever grown up with strict Indian parents, you know it’s like starring in your own personal sitcom where the episodes are filled with love, lectures, and a whole lot of “What will the neighbors think?” Here’s a humorous look at the unique (and sometimes downright hilarious) experience of being raised under the watchful eyes of strict Indian parents.

The Art of High Expectations

Imagine you bring home a report card with a 98% score, feeling like you’ve just conquered Mount Everest. You eagerly show it to your parents, expecting a hero’s welcome. Instead, your dad raises an eyebrow and asks, “What happened to the other 2%?” In the world of Indian parenting, a 98 is basically an F. They’re not mad; they’re just disappointed—and a little bit confused as to why you didn’t ace it.

Career Choices: Doctor, Engineer, or Disappointment

Strict Indian parents have a very specific idea of acceptable career paths. You tell your mom you want to be an artist, and she looks at you like you’ve just announced you’re joining a circus. “Art? Very good. But first, become a doctor. Then, you can paint on weekends.” It’s the classic backup plan: secure a high-paying job, and then you can pursue your dreams of becoming the next Picasso. It’s foolproof…or so they think.

The Discipline Diaries

Growing up, you probably had a daily schedule that rivaled that of a Fortune 500 CEO. Homework at 5 PM, piano practice at 6 PM, and dinner at 7 PM sharp. Deviating from this timetable? Not an option. Once, you were five minutes late for dinner, and your mom looked at you like you’d committed a federal crime. The concept of “fashionably late” doesn’t exist in Indian households.

“Who Are You, and What Have You Done with My Child?”

Let’s talk about outings with friends. Asking for permission to go out felt like preparing for a Supreme Court hearing. You’d present your case with PowerPoint slides, witness testimonies, and a detailed itinerary. Your parents’ first question? “Who all are going?” Translation: “Give me the full names, birthdates, and criminal records of everyone involved.” If you managed to get a yes, congratulations—you’ve just accomplished the impossible.

The Great Indian Food Fiasco

Food in Indian households is a love language. But God forbid you show a preference for non-Indian cuisine. You ask for pizza, and your mom says, “Pizza? I’ll make chapati with cheese on top. Same thing.” And if you dared to eat at a friend’s house, the interrogation that followed was intense: “What did you eat? How was it? Did you like it better than my food?” Careful now—your answer might just determine your next meal’s spice level.

The “What Will People Say?” Phenomenon

Every action you take is scrutinized under the lens of “What will people say?” You cut your hair short, and suddenly it’s a scandal. “How will Sharma Aunty react? She’ll think we’ve gone mad!” Forget that you love your new look—what really matters is Sharma Aunty’s opinion. Your parents have a built-in community PR team, and they take their job very seriously.

The Love, Actually

Despite all the hilarity and strictness, the love from Indian parents is undeniable and immense. They push hard because they want the best for you, even if it sometimes feels like you’re training for the Olympics. Their quirky ways and strict rules are their expressions of care, ensuring you grow up to be strong, successful, and maybe even a doctor who paints on weekends.So, the next time your mom questions your life choices or your dad demands a detailed explanation for a 2% deduction, remember—it’s all part of the unique comedy that is growing up with strict Indian parents. And someday, you’ll probably laugh about it too…right after you become a doctor.

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