Maths teacher pt.2

My math teacher doesn’t end at this by the way did I tell that this guy even after crossing 47 looks like damn 24 even I look like I am 18 so yea. This guy also seems to be intersted in other people’s buisness for example the other day out physics teacher (who is a menace in himself) was taking a regular class when our maths teacher (let’s call him Mr M) walked in and this convocation ensued
Mr M : sir it’s my period to teach
Mr. Physics : well actually sir there’s still 10 mins in the bell so…
Mr M: oh! But the bell doesn’t decides when the period ends, i do (this is not an exaggeration)
Mr physics : ok sir so I am atleast obliged to take 10 mins from your period.
Mr M : Ok and I will grant it to you just because I want to.
After 2 mins
Mr M : sir you are reaching them wrong
Mr physics: what ?
Mr M : yes sir this is wrong physics
After this our physics sir left without a word and this ends my experience with him as my maths teacher, cause he left mid session and we got a better math teacher ɷ◡ɷ

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