“Shopkeeper, I have come to bargain”

If you want to take classes on bargaining, then I am sure that you cannot find a better teacher than an Indian mother.Once we went to a shop to buy some clothes.I was done with selecting clothes.Now the funny part started at the cash counter.
Trust me nothing is difficult than making your mom stand in one place when both of you are surrounded by a lot of things that can easily make your mom fall for them.

What followed was-

Shopkeeper: So Mam that would be Rs 2000.

Mom: Just the pant not the store.

Note: Indian Moms can take tuition on Unacademy on the topic “Bargaining”. No kidding.

I knew a war was about to start, so I sat in front of the TV which was kept near the counter and started to feel sorry for the shopkeeper.

Mom: Last year I bought a similar pair of pants for Rs600 in this store.

Shopkeeper: -_- Madam we opened the shop six months ago. So yes,I returned empty handed that day, but mom compensated it in the form of a pizza treat.

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