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Earlier I was waiting for the exams to finish and now I am waiting for school to start. Every other person is busy with Instagram, partying, and going out with friends. For a lazy person like me, it took me 48 long hours to decide what to do since exams are over. I am an introvert so I decided to stick around my house for the next 10 days but my friends had different plans. After the first 48 hours they came to my house and in a superhero fashion nearly abducted me. Fortunately, I had my best pair of clothes on so we went to an after-exam party. Next, you know the basic stuff visited a couple of stores, had some lunch, and watched another C-grade movie which made no sense at all. Well, three groups of friends are rather not busy with anything so we decided to start with the next year’s syllabus. We decided to have a group study night at one of our friend’s houses. When we find the reach there one of our friends was carrying two little bottles of coke which did not have a coke and rather had water. When we asked him he did not say anything and when we pressurized him he simply chucked down a whole 2-liter water bottle in about 5 to 7 seconds. It may be a world record but of course, we never knew what the real purpose of that water was. We started to study but of course, we couldn’t study anyways, now this became a night out with a friend which was going to be a 2018 classic chaos. My friend took the car keys of his father’s car and well with a roof to the nearest McDonald’s now the fun weight there was no one at the McDonald’s store but it was still open so we just got in there and all of the employees were talking in the back and there was no one to service, they just stood silently in the back without any response. We did what any rational person would do we jumped over the counter and sneaked in 7-8 burgers without paying even a single cent person would do – we left the McDonald’s.

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