The Aftermath

Well spoke too soon about the results. As it seems the neighbor’s kid got 96.5 % and damn it was havoc. The progression was like I got my results, I wrote the blog like a little happy boy whose results went smooth for the first time in like a “long time”. What I didn’t realize was that other people of my age live near me and then it happened as it happens in a melodrama it was way too cinematic let me tell you here- “I heard the doorbell instantly I knew who it was, my heart pounded as I rushed for the door with the opera music in the background, I realized, I was too late the neighbor’s kid came to my house and said two words “96 percent”, to my parents” that was enough for a wrecking ball of a day( T ʖ̯ T). Of course, I was busy watching an anime, so I didn’t realize someone was at the door but the moment the door was opened I was not getting a good feeling first, the anime stopped, and then my heart rate dropped. Now for the past 3 hours, I was getting lectures on how to perform well in the next term as if the next term examinations are kind of military operations. At last I got the flavor of the great Indian system.

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