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An Old “Friend”

Going back to normal was of course an old but new experience, old because I had experienced it before (Duh!) and new because this “normal” everyone was begging for to come back didn’t seem normal at all, because the new normal was sitting on a desk and chair or bed for convenience 😉 and attending online classes on which no one had an idea if we students were actually doing classes. Amidst all these thoughts I had I struck gold for my next blog. An old so called, “Friend” now why so called? I hear you reader saying this trough the screen . This person, let us call him Willy was such a rude person that he would get bullied by not only teachers but also by our juniors!! (Our because he was in the same grade as me.) I also have to say he was a friend because he used to go in the same school bus as mine so of course you gotta call someone a friend if he is travelling with you. This person was rude to such an extent that he didn’t consider anyone his friend, I remember once that he was getting bullied by some students of my own class. Now that I was a bit taller and bigger than most of the people in my class so I decided to help on him. I just said to the students to stop and they stopped (cause nearly everyone feared me due to my size) I helped him to his feet , he couldn’t even walk and his first reaction after this was, and I quote, “If you hadn’t arrived I would have beaten them to death” my only thought during this was I should have just let him get crunched by them so after three days I saw the same thing happening to him at the same spot and with the same people, I as a responsible student watched the fight and called several other people to see the fight after which I left him on his own.

The next incident I remember him through and the last time I saw that person was in the same year, I used to be first on my bus stop after a senior who usually used be there around at the same time, now this stray dog used to roam around there it was a female dog, black in color, it was cute and all but I am not much into dog’s nor is my senior so we just used to avoid the dog, but my favorite person used to love dogs, (how contradicting!) so we (me and the senior) pulled a prank on him and called the dog Lily, and as he used to just come at pat the dog regularly and dog gave a good response we said, hey is the dog your girlfriend, first he hesitated but then his reaction after a few days was a loud and firm YES!!!!!!! So now for the whole session everyone forgot his name and due to the news spreading through the school (I wonder who spread the news like that, strange!!) he was popularly not known by his name but as Lily’s boyfriend………..

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