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This was perhaps my first ever career deciding exam. It was very different from the past years, we had term 1 exams with reduced syllabus and MCQ pattern, but it was not a cakewalk. For the first time in the history of board exams. Questions and options not the answers were incorrect.

The first exam was of social science, one of the most feared tests, though the questions were hard but it was doable. The answer key came in the evening, now even after giving wrong options and questions the board was not satisfied, so they gave us a wrong answer key to make matters worse.

I was satisfied with my performance, but a lot of guys were not at all happy about the exams. Since it was an MCQ-type exam, people may have faced problems, to make things more interesting the board was changing rules every now & then. It was like Squid games where the students were players. Now the news of moderation is spreading like wildfire through social media platforms and hopes of getting 3 or 4 extra marks are high for everyone. Let’s see what happens next…

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