Mr Diamond, why so gullible

Some people are dumb but this guy falls in the category of “the people who are so dumb that they get bullied by their juniors and don’t even release it”.Now this person,let’s call him Diamond,this person belongs to a species of aliens rather than homo sapiens,not by the looks but the brain power this guy has.Diamond has unlocked 100 percent brain power.Let me give you an example, once he said during an exam “Mam I am not cheating, i am just speaking out the answers to the whole class”.Now mind it,it was not a normal test but it was our finals which made up 40 Percent of our grades.He even argued about it.An argument which resulted in his desk getting set up outside the examination room facing towards the washroom. His was at that time in middle and his voice was as such he just spawned in from heaven (ofc he was a child of God/direct descendent of God).
He didn’t stop at this, this creature thinks he is the smartest person in the room (while he is not obv) someone will say that it’s just me who thinks so and I have a complex and blah blah blah. But hear me out this gentleman has quite a good build and due to this likes beating up random people. One time he beat up a kid who looked like a thin tree who got struck by lightning 13 times and somehow is still alive now when asked why he said that the tree guy was bullying him LIKE HOW IN THE HOLY GODLY WORLD OF HUMANS when asked to quote him he said that the tree guy said “bruh how are u so ripped” poor guy got beaten up for that. On the other hand, diamond cried at the bus stop cause his mother wasn’t there to say him goodbye this guy delayed the bus for a hell’n goodbye

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