Ms. Lady Finger’s’

We have seen penguin 🐧 ( everyone has ofcourse ) and how it has small fingers and a long mouth. Now see, I am not a good student so I never knew about the evolution of us from primates or other organisms but after seeing Ms. Lady Finger’s’ I can confirm her side of the family definitely evolved from penguins
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Now not to hurt anyone but please for a second visualise a penguin with small fingers and a mouth as big as statue of Liberty. Why such a mouth ? I dont know either , all I know that she can talk back to teachers, students, her parents and even a street dog that somehow gathered courage to bark on her. She once slapped her father beacuse ” He was making me laugh too much ” she is junior than me and still has the audacity to TalkBack to a teacher , something I might not achieve until I am even old enough for my own expenses. People say that curiosity killed the cat but her curiosity is on a level that it killed the cat attended the funeral and went to a lavish dinner after that.

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