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Our board exams were not over yet (ofc why would they end so easily ಥ_ಥ )but since we were about to enter higher secondary school, the time for preparation for the college entrance test had just begun. During dispersal time at the exam centres, the coaching institutes’ employees used to show up carrying pamphlets in their bags in large numbers. These dudes used to get very excited about seeing students. They simply started handing over their pamphlets to every guy coming out from the exam centres. Just like bees look for flowers to get nectar, the coaching institute agents were looking for students. Now, these guys simply exaggerate everything, they will advertise and ‘consult’ you as if you will simply climb the ranks using an elevator. These dudes portrayed that engineers and doctors are the only professions that exist. Later, let’s say after 5 or 6 years, this engineer guy becomes a YouTuber, musician, actor, and dancer. Engineers are in every field with an exception of engineering itself. Talking about their courses, coaching institutes simply grind their students. The study hours range from 7-9 hours per day and extra classes on weekends. After doing these courses our future engineers and doctors are not in a position to even walk. By chance, if you go for any other profession other than these two, you would be considered incompetent and unworthy of anything.

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