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This creature cannot fall ill or be late to the class, be it scrotching hot summer or seventeen inches of snow outside, ಥ_ಥ even though this creature might seem good as a teacher at the first glance, by the end everyone seems to hate this creature.Yes you have guessed it right, it is your ‘not so friendly’ maths teacher.Now this creature arrives always at times, takes your games period for extra teaching and scolds you for not being an excellent student in maths , even though you have decided to take up history as your main subject, now these kinds of maths teachers exist till date and my maths teacher is a prime example of this, he clearly tells how we are the worst batch he ever got and that class 8th can perform better than us. The catch is that he scolds then like every second minute says “the seniors used to perform soo well then you guys” And I know due to my juniors asking me ho to get good. Now he doesn’t just end at this there is more…..

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