The fest of lights

In most parts of the world, festivals are one day affair,but in India it is way beyond it.The preparations for the festivals start one week before and there are alteast 3 to 5 days of celebration.Indian festivals can be compared to a test cricket match and in most parts of the world it is like a T20 match.One such test match like festival is Diwali.The most tedious job to do in any festival is cleaning.The house cleaning in Diwali is itself a living hell.Line the diyas(earthen lamps) outside the door. Sweep the dust from every corner. Line up the boxes of sweets to carry to friends and family. Prepare your newest or finest clothes for the occasion,all these are part of the never ending list.The best thing that I like about Diwali is sweets and snacks.You may be on a diet but during Diwali time you just can’t say no to sweets.India is known as the land of festivals and Diwali is the jewel of indian festivals.Diwali is seen as a celebration of Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after fourteen years in the forest. On this moonless night, people are said to have welcomed him home by lighting thousands of lamps in his honor.Similar festivals are celebrated in southeast Asian countries.The celebration lasts for 5 days.The grand celebration is done on the second day. Whereas the rest are some small scale festivals.The feast of sweets, family gatherings, and the lighting of diyas symbolise the light that shield each household from spiritual darkness.

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