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The students have chosen you…

Just like every other school, there are student council elections in my school. Only senior students from grades 11 and 12 were allowed to contest the elections and others had to vote. Our principal announced that these elections were there to make the students aware of electoral processes. Well, little did she know that we were one step ahead in it. Manifestos were printed with promises. The promises were indeed a senior high school student’s dreams. A group had promised that they would cancel Maths classes and replace it with Physical Education. This made a few Maths teachers very upset and they complained about this to the administration. Now it didn’t stop there, there was one group who promised that if voted in they would replace the school canteen with McDonald’s. The most ironic thing was a promise made by a group about making a anti-bully committee, and guess who made this promise, the guys who bully seventh graders for Doritos. Well, apart from promises, we had learned something which is an integral part of the spirit of elections, and that is BRIBING, the candidates were throwing pizza parties, stationery was distributed, money was distributed and vapes (may, sir Andrew forgive us) were given. Campaigns were the next most interesting thing about the elections, they used to start with a speech and end with a mob fight. The school for 30 days had turned into a war zone. If two opposing groups saw each other doing campaigns, three things used to happen first was hand-to-hand combat, second was intervention of teachers and finally the third – issuing of a suspension multiple suspension letter(s). The main 2 parties involved were the Un-united students frontier(USF) and the all-time favorite the Pajama Party(PJP). Now see, the PJP was not a democratically motivated party but rather the Dorito looting party. On the day of the final elections, their plan was to capture the polling booth and win, but alas, the party president didn’t have enough carbs, felt sick, and did not show up on the election day and so it ended in a decisive victory for the USF(it was a clean sweep anyways)

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