The Big fat Weddings

I don’t know how weddings roll in the rest of the world, but in India it is something that is considered as a life achievement. A normal Indian wedding is just like a carnival.The food is a blessing, the colours are a treat to the eye, you get to meet all your loved ones and, if you are lucky, you get to reconnect with some long lost friends, the gossip is endless.
In western society,the bride and groom are excited, but in India the guests and relatives are more excited and happy than the bride and groom.
It is not complete without a group of uncles chitchatting about the politics and stuff, a bunch of aunties talking about jewellery, kids playing around and a group of male teens and groom’s friends checking out the girls and vice versa.
In western countries,less than 100 guests are considered more than enough for a wedding but believe me even 1000 guests are considered less for an Indian wedding.It doesn’t matter how much you have invested in the wedding arrangements, decorations, and food, people will “gossip”.

Trust me when I say that! I have attended weddings in 7-star hotels as well. Delectable food with a great variety of cuisines, ranging from Thai to Mughlai to Chinese to North Indian and South Indian; well mannered and well dressed up servers; exquisite flower arrangements; beautifully embellished interiors; the bride decked up in a designer wear lehenga (a gown); and the groom arriving in a BMW — all in all, everything you can think of when you think of an elite wedding.Yet, you would easily come across aunties who would find faults with the bride’s accessories or jewellery, or you would find uncles lamenting about that one dish missing from their favorite cuisine. :-/

If you have spent a bomb on the wedding, people would say – Gah! What a waste of hard-earned money! He did that to show off! Loser!

If you have spent wisely, people would say – He earned all his life for this day. Yet he spent so less.What a bummer!!!

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