The S–creamer–

The screamer Here everyone has heard about zombies and the weird noises they make now imagine a person with a zombie voice screaming at you during your favourite subject class – mine was chemistry, which has been for record my favourite subject since grade 6. This teacher actually made me hate a subject she used to scream random stuff 90% of the time, used to talk back to her senior teachers and even talk rudely to parents of other students, remember during this time the pandemic was still there so everything was online, now whenever I used to submit my notebook, she had to give me a confirmation and guess what she never gave me a confirmation. Now in the PTM my parents knew that and when I asked ” mam have you recieved my notebook ” she snapped and screamed at me ” how useless you are to not know if you have submitted your own notebook or not” my mother sitting right beside me snapped and said “you never gave the confirmation for the copy submission” and ofcourse she tried to say something but when she took a look at her own list I had clearly submitted my work first. This time a complaint was filed against her and guess what….. She was finally discharged as a teacher for her behaviour an absolute W.

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