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Hello! I am Kaustubh, a high school student. I can still recall the day when my middle school examinations were about to end I heard students in my society chanting “Corona tum aage badho hum tumhare saath hain” as two of our exams got cancelled. All this started on 13th March 2020 5pm when a Santa Clause came live on T.V and announced about a curfew. I was overjoyed I thought I will be enjoying my 21 day long holiday. I thought it was like my summer holidays but way too earlier. Thinking about the stuff I could do I realised that Oh no! It was actually a disaster for me as we had to maintain “protocols” . I was quite unhappy and it had upset salt over everything, we had to start online classes and as a normal teenager might see things as sad looking back it wasn’t as bad as I think about it now. To be honest it was quite fun, first day of online classes and I met a new class with people with ultra realistic names like KT9, Jethalal, Phoenix 9, Papa ki pari, studious playboy, etc. It was fun in the beginning. Now, uniform, bags and buses were not required for going to school. It was on a click. The first few months were fun, waking up late in the morning, long hours of gaming became a part of my schedule. Then in July, came the datesheets for our internal exams……..

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