The new normal

Then in July, came our date sheet for internal examinations. Not to mention how easy it was to ace the online examinations. Authorities fail to prevent cheating even in offline format how could they prevent it in online format.Some gave the online examinations like an open book test and some made Google their aid. All thanks to old fashioned teaching methods and boomer teachers, students succeeded in cheating. Then came the time for notebook checking, for that we found a good way of tricking.It was really hard to make out whether a guy has completed his work or not on camera.So many of stored 2 to 3 pages out of 15 and got full marks for the notebooks. Sleeping during online classes was one of the things that I enjoyed. Many times I would go to my backyard during my classes. One thing that really stinks is that I had to attend these classes in front of my parents and Indian parents are quite good at taunting and reprimanding when you try to fool around.Outsiders, who somehow manage to get Ids and passwords of classes,raided them.These goof ups had become part of studying in 2020……..

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