Kith and Kin

A breed which does not give a damn about your well being but magically appears on your result day.They have solutions to problems that don’t exist. Example: Ready with a groom even if the girl doesn’t want to marry.
They love you way too much to let you do stuff on your own.They’re way more bothered about other people than their own. Example: They will dig in to know about your whereabouts.They can pull of a great circus cause of the all time masquerade they put of being sweet and considerate.Yes, you have guessed it right, this breed is called the relatives.Relatives may seem nice and all but only from far away.These guys have wrath of a titan and I (sadly) have experienced the wrath of an Indian relative.It was a wedding and I was enjoying snacks and drinks and within few minutes I am stormed by people who are my distant relatives.Now the questions that they asked me ranged from the choice of my career to my wedding(mind it, these questions were asked to a 16 year old).At last, my mother intervened and came to my rescue.

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