The D day

Finally,the wait was over and we got our high school results.I was unable to eat, sleep and do any other things properly. I was very much worried for my results. Relatives(who never used to call us whole year) were calling daily. They were more curious for my results than my parents.But now the bomb had been dropped.At 11 am,the results were declared for intermediate and it is announced that high school results will be announced at 2 pm.Hiroshima was blown up and It was time for Nagasaki.Those 3 hours felt like 3 centuries.My mother and I were getting anxious.To cope up with the situation we glued our eyes on the TV screen. I don’t know why but I wasn’t feeling nervous anymore.When the result date was unknown, I was so tensed. And now when the results are just minutes away, I am so relaxed? What’s happening? These were the thoughts that ran across my mind. The clock striked 2 pm.

I went and opened the lappy. I entered the details, verified them and hit Enter.
Surprisingly, the page didn’t buffer and the blue-and-white boxes conatining my marks were before my eyes.

So this was it!
The hardwork of past 1 one year summarised in few boxes.The result of one year of hardwork was before me!95.2 Percent aggregate it said.Not very amazing but yeah a decent one.I was like okay that’s fine too.I was expecting a good result.Not like a topper but yeah atleast 95%+. But God has planned something else for me!

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