So, Yea the new normal at first looked smooth for me as well as for many others sitting behind the closed webcam making or seeing memes. But when it came to these interruptions or so called “raids” well they were fun and all, until it turned against us, a big lengthy circular saying that we HAVE to open our cameras during the class was bombed on us and of course not following a rule in an average school results( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) in scolding and the less frequent taunts from parents to becoming frequent. So even to dodge this “turn on the camera” stuff the “smart” people in our class that were only smart in such situations starting using bad internet as a shield against the teachers but what a twist it was, to even say that you have a bad internet provider you needed an official application with your parents sign and as I have said it regularly about “Indian parents” they were obviously not going to do that so now you need an easy way out and the easy way was “not attend the freakin’ class” BOOM!!! problem solved or was it????………

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