The Big Bang

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.Well,this was because I was busy with a science fest.The school needed volunteers for the fest and I was picked involuntarily by my teachers.It was a week long fest and included many events debates,quizzes, science models etc.I was made incharge for quizzing,which was fairly easy.For first 4 days things were smooth.The real fun started from the 5th day when the debate competition started.At the end of last round of debate,the chief guest asked few questions from the participants.He asked a 5th grader an example of mammal ‘your mom’ was his prompt reply was followed by laughter from the crowd.Thankfully,the headmaster dealt with this situation.
This wasn’t the only situation in which the headmaster was caught up in.The Finale was supposed to end with a 10 feet tall baking soda volcano display.The smartest guy in the room,who was actually our headmaster was suppose to pour in baking soda didn’t even that baking soda was a solid.So he brought in an acid and poured it in with anyone noticing.
Let me tell you some backstory, before the fest commenced we wanted a bonfire for a final event in the evening, but our principal rejected the idea, saying that it could be harmful as we are ‘children’ and we won’t be able to handle fire.Our headmaster had suggested this and he was very disappointed when his idea got rejected. In the present moment,these moments flashed in my eyes as I saw baking soda volcano go up in the flames.Now it actually looked like a bonfire and it could actually harm us.Finally the fire brigade was called in and the headmaster was questioned about it.The headmaster said that it was a mistake with a smirk on his face.The kid who was responsible for baking soda volcano had run away and it took us an hour to find him.He was hiding in the washroom.
When he confessed to the teachers. He started with uhhh… And ended with ummmm…. And his words were filled with hmm…Along with some sobbing and occasional”I don’t know about it”.
He was just as confused as everyone was confused.
He was asked to do the clean up work and finally I was free from all this.At the end all I can say that we ended the event with a bang!!!!

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